Calhoun County 9-1-1

Submitted by Sherry Tavis

We are a small agency with about 26 people that work in the communication center. Each shift runs about 5 people. We handle all emergency calls coming in from the entire Calhoun county, and there are approximately 114,728 as of 2017 census in the county.  We dispatch for 3 paid fire departments, 10 volunteer departments and one police agency. We gather information and notify the appropriate agency…i.e..surround police, fire and ems (that we do not dispatch for).  We answer approximately 100+ calls a day.

Just like every other agency out there…we all work long, hard hours. We miss holidays and special events with our families.

I think it would be a nice acknowledgement to everyone here at CC 9-1-1 if we got the lunch.

Thank you and have a great day.