Santa Barbara County Public Safety Dispatch Center

Submitted by Susan Farley

We would love for APCO to buy use lunch because food makes us happy and we make an awesome Christmas card!!

The Santa Barbara County Public Safety Dispatch Center is a combined police, fire, and medical dispatcher center.  Our center has  experienced several tragic and newsworthy incidents in the past few years; the 2014 mass shooting in Isla Vista, several massive wildfires (the most recent one, the 2018 Thomas Fire), and the devastating 2019 Montecito debris flow which killed 23 people.  These incidents have touched each and every one of our dispatchers.  We have lost some team members and gained some new ones based on the stress of the job.  Like most centers, we are on mandatory overtime to make sure there is adequate coverage in the center to ensure the safety of our first responders and the public.