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Have Some Fun With Theme Days

Many agencies choose to celebrate NPSTW with dress themes for different days during the week. Here are some of their ideas from previous years: 

NPSTW 2015: Cajun Theme

Every year for National Telecommunication week we pick a theme and go all out with it. We decorate our break room, host a party, and dress according to out theme. This year was Cajun Theme. As we donned our overalls, bonnets, and camouflage, we were treated to 40 lbs of …

NPSTW 2007: Open House

Union Township celebrated Telecommunications week by hosting an open house for our Communications Specialists (dispatchers) and their families. We felt it was not only important to recognize our dispatchers, but also an opportunity to show their families exactly what they do and how important and demanding their job really is. …

A Token of Your Appreciation

Comm centers across the country take the opportunity during NPSTW to recognize outstanding employees. Some have banquets and bestow awards, while others take a more casual approach.

Celebrating NPSTW Without a Budget

So you want to celebrate public safety telecommunicators week, but you don’t have any designated funds? Here are some creative low/no cost ideas shared by your peers:

NPSTW 2007: Recognition

Dispatchers were presented proclamations from the State of Mass House of Representatives and the City of Gardner for National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week and honoring our dispatchers. It was a nice afternoon! Also the Chief, Neil Erickson and myself Disp. Supervisor Laurie Favreau gave gifts of new jerseys to all …

NPSTW: The Backstory

Each year, the second full week of April is dedicated to the men and women who serve as public safety telecommunicators.  Although we know from history that the idea started in 1981 with Patricia Anderson of the Contra Costa County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Office, we’ve learned a little more regarding how that came about.

Extending the Recognition

In addition to offering an opportunity for celebration and recognition within your agencies, NPSTW is the perfect time to reach out to other PSAPs, the media and government agencies asking them to help honor telecommunicators and their impact on public safety. How might you do that?