NPSTW 2007: Open House

Submitted by Union Township, Ohio, in 2007


Union Township celebrated Telecommunications week by hosting an open house for our Communications Specialists (dispatchers) and their families. We felt it was not only important to recognize our dispatchers, but also an opportunity to show their families exactly what they do and how important and demanding their job really is. You may be the very best dispatcher, but without a strong support structure at home, your carrier in communications will be short lived. The attendees were shown a DVD of the events that had occurred within Union Township from the dispatcher’s perspective. The attendees were then broken into small groups and given a tour of the dispatcher center explaining the various functions the Communications Specialists performs daily.

The open house consisted of The Union Township Police Chief presenting each Communications Specialist with a certificate of appreciation. The attendees also included the Union Township Fire Chief and his staff, representatives from Amelia Police Department (the other Police Agency that we dispatch for). Each Communication Specialist was presented with a gift bag of items that were donated by local businesses. The event was videotaped by our local access TV channel.