Christopher White

Burke County Emergency Communications Center

Chris is one of our supervisors here at Burke County Emergency Communications.  A supervisor is the first of his many attributes to say the least.  Chris is always easily approachable and there for you, no matter how chaotic things become in the communications center.  Chris is also the Western North Carolina Branch Telecommunication Emergency Response Team Coordinator, a meteorologist and owner of Foothills Weather Network.  Chris is also involved with the All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Association.

Previously to dispatching, Chris was a Law enforcement officer and fireman so he brings his knowledge of the field to our center.  Chris also handles weather for large venues and sporting events.  Chris is as reliable as they come and no one on our shift ever feels like they are alone as long as he is close by.  Everytime I get a serious call, a vehicle chase, weapons call, etc I know that he will be just over my shoulder in a moment helping each step of the way.   All departments need an outstanding supervisor like Chris.