Consolidated Dispatch Agency

Submitted by Judi Davison

As the liaison for the Tallahassee Fire Department(TFD) to the Consolidated Dispatch Agency (CDA), I wanted to take a moment to tell you about our “First” First Responders. The CDA team has weathered a number of adversities since their inception in 2013 and yet to date, maintain the continual support of not just TFD but for the Tallahassee Police Department(TPD), the Leon County Sheriffs Department(LCSO and Leon County Emergency Services(LCEMS). The PCSO’s that “watch” our backs strive to make sure that we all go home safe.

The entire CDA team continuously engages with¬†various¬†agency training, from the new hire to the lead supervisors on each shift. Communication doesn’t stop on the radio, they realize that they must participate in day to day learning so that they are familiar with the restrictions we encounter on the streets. Vice versa, they explain their roles and responsibilities to line personnel so that we in turn can understand their function in the overall emergency services paradigm. It is this mutual understanding and communications that despite any hardships they may encounter, I am confidant they will prevail.