Submitted by Antoinette Bryant, Elgin Illinois Police Department

Myself and co-supervisor Maura Maschinski have created a list of quizzes and contest that started on February 3rd. Contest includes perfect attendance through March 30th. 100% on QA’s through March 30th, dispatch quizzes, reciting the department’s mission statement upon management’s request, etc. We purchased pretend money that looks so real and it’s used as prizes for each contest. The money won will be used to purchase items during TC Week from the Shopping Table. We have purchased items over the past 10 months that we will fill the table with everyday and allow TC’s to purchase with what we call TC dollars.

My second job is a caterer – So I will provide a gourmet dessert table for all three shifts. The table will be stocked the entire week. Each supervisor will ensure there are meals everyday that week – this includes FD, Shift LT and Sgts.

A variety of fun contests. We have a theme planned but I’m not able to disclose that at this time. I’m really excited about 2019 TC week and hope it’s a success for everyone involved.