“Dude, Where’s My Call?”

Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office

Synopsis: In the quirky realm of Bossier Parish, a law enforcement dispatch center faces an absurd and chaotic challenge – constant calls from alarm monitoring centers and relentless prank callers. Welcome to the darkly humorous world of “Dude, Where’s My Call?” where the dispatchers are pushed to their limits dealing with unhelpful alarm monitoring calls and absurdly vague information.


Jake, the seasoned but exasperated team leader, finds himself at the helm of a dispatch center inundated with calls from alarm monitoring centers. Paige, the adrenaline junkie, thrives on the chaos, while Tempy, the sharp and determined newcomer, is determined to make sense of the madness. The tech-savvy Chris, the empathetic Sylvia, the quirky inventor Tesla, and the eccentric problem solver Kristen round out the diverse team.

As the alarm monitoring calls flood in, the dispatchers face a common response: “I don’t know, I just work for Vivant!” The lack of information becomes both infuriating and comical, creating a unique challenge for the team. Meanwhile, prank calls add an extra layer of absurdity to their already chaotic work environment.

Amid the relentless calls, the team struggles to maintain order and respond to legitimate emergencies. Jake attempts to navigate the madness while keeping the team’s morale intact. Tempy’s determination to uncover the truth becomes a driving force, Paige’s adrenaline-fueled antics add a dose of energy, and Chris’s tech skills prove invaluable in unraveling the pranksters’ tricks.

Sylvia, the empathetic soul, finds herself consoling frustrated callers, while Tesla’s quirky inventions offer unconventional solutions to the team’s dilemmas. Kristen, with her offbeat problem-solving skills, becomes the unlikely hero in the battle against the absurdity of their situation.

As the calls escalate, the dispatchers find themselves entangled in a web of absurdity, dark humor, and unexpected alliances. “Dude, Where’s My Call?” takes the audience on a rollercoaster of laughter, frustration, and unexpected twists as the dispatchers attempt to bring order to the chaos in Bossier Parish.

In a climactic moment, the team discovers a bizarre connection between the alarm monitoring calls and a local prankster, leading to a resolution that leaves the dispatchers with a newfound camaraderie and a slew of outrageous stories.

The movie concludes with the dispatch center still receiving calls, but the team, now seasoned by their experiences, faces the absurdity with a sense of humor and unity. “Dude, Where’s My Call?” is a darkly comedic exploration of the challenges faced by those dealing with the unexpected and the absurd in the often-overlooked world of law enforcement dispatch.