Westcom’s Christmas Vacation

Westcom Emergency Communications
It’s Christmas time and Westcom is preparing for the easiest season yet! However, things never run smoothly for Westcom and its telecommunicators. Westcom’s good luck quickly runs out as they are hounded with difficult callers and criminals stealing festive Amazon packages. Can the loyal telecommunicators stick together and remember the true meaning of the season?
Our Supervisors, Peg and Raleigh Grizwold are trying to make sure everyone has a good time and things are organized.  When the rest of the dispatch family show up, the party really gets started.  Things start to go array and this is when the family steps up to help everyone out.
Twas the night before Westcom Christmas and all through the center, officers are yelling and firefighters are clever.  Warrants are hung by the chimney with care in hopes that the bondsmen soon will be there.  The crew were nestled all snug in their chairs, with hopes of a fast shift with never a care.  With Holly in her facemask and Austin in his headset; they had just settled down for a shift they won’t forget.  When the multiple phones lit up with ringing so loud they knew something was drawing a crowd.  The glow of a car fire on the cameras will show an accident involving multiple agencies to work for them all.  When they questioned what was said on the phone, someone was hurt and trapped all alone.  With one swift move they clicked buttons and talked, the units began rolling with never a squawk.  Patricia clicked and pressed the mouse as she said, “Now Fire and medics, need an officer too!  More than one agency will need to go, use your lights both red and blue.”  They all responded, dressed in their PPE and vests to the location where the vehicles came to rest.  Extrication and packaging all the patients were treated, local trauma centers helped them get all the help they needed.  The dispatchers all sat not saying a word, but they all sat around and thought ermagerd.  This work family has an amazing bond, one that cannot be broken.  They are a family that part is unspoken.  As they finish the night, Supervisor Sellner exclaims, “Happy Telecommunicator to all and to all a great Week!”