Houlton Regional Communications Center

In the heart of Houlton, Maine, lies the Houlton Regional Communication Center, a 9-1-1 dispatch hub known for its quirky team of dispatchers. This tight-knit group of misfits may not wear proton packs, but they sure know how to handle emergencies with a dash of humor and a whole lot of teamwork. The team is diverse, including a tech-savvy dispatcher, the cool-headed veterans who have seen it all, the dispatch clown who knows when to make jokes to lighten the mood, the multi-tasking maverick, the compassionate listener, the amateur sleuth, and the night owl (who is a professional at staying awake with little to no sleep).

This wacky team’s ability to work together comes in handy one fateful night, when a series of bizarre calls flood in. Reports of UFO sightings, pet raccoons causing chaos, and even a lost goat on the loose are just some of the calls they receive. Amidst the chaos, there’s one recurring theme – each caller asks if they should have called 9-1-1 or if there was a better number to call. The dispatchers all respond, “When there’s something strange, in your neighborhood, who else are you going to call? 9-1-1!”.

As they tackle each wacky emergency, the team face their fair share of challenges – from dealing with the runaway bison in Fort Fairfield (again), to BOLOs for possible ghost sightings of a woman in white in the Haynesville woods (where there is a tombstone every mile -true story, there’s a song about it!). But with teamwork and a healthy dose of sarcasm, they manage to save the day, time and time again.

As if these crazy calls weren’t enough, rumors of Carl the ghost haunting the center only add to the chaos. Some swear they’ve seen flickering lights and heard mysterious footsteps in the dead of night. On this day, it seems like Carl is more active – slamming doors, faxing random things to the warden service, and opening and closing the refrigerator. But the dispatchers remain unfazed, chalking it up to an overactive imagination or too much caffeine, as they continue to work tirelessly to handle the influx of calls.

In the climax, when a particularly tricky situation arises involving a runaway hot air balloon and a panicked llama, the team must put their differences aside and work together to ensure everyone’s safety. With quick thinking and a lot of laughter, they manage to avert disaster once again.

As the credits roll, the dispatchers share a well-deserved pizza, washed down with way too many caffeinated beverages. They recount their favorite moments from the night’s adventures, and they raise a toast to their unstoppable team. As they answer the next call, they do so with confidence, knowing that no matter what comes their way, they’ll always be ready to answer the call, send help, and keep everybody safe.

The movie ends with its theme song (which sounds oddly similar to a popular “Ghostbusters” movie): “When there’s something strange, in your neighborhood, who ya’ gonna call? 9-1-1! When you’re feeling weird, and you don’t feel good, who ya’ gonna call? 9-1-1! If you’re seeing things, running through your head. Who can you call? 9-1-1! An invisible man, or a rabid bear, who ya’ gonna call? 9-1-1!”