Fort Collins 911

Submitted by Carol Workman

While we know that all dispatch centers are great, and that it takes a special person to be a 911 Dispatcher/Calltaker, we think our team is amazing and they demonstrate professionalism, dedication, and compassion every day. They also like to have fun.  Our team of 28 dispatchers and call takers believe in delivering exceptional service and frequently go above and beyond to make sure we do our part in helping our community, deliver great service and take extra time with a caller, which may include helping a 10 year old with their math homework.

While our training team does a great job in preparing new hires for the job and providing them with the tools to handle most calls, sometimes you just can’t prepare them for all calls they might encounter.  In the fall of 2018, a 10 year called 911 not for an emergency but because they needed help with their math homework.  Did the call phase our tenured employee, no and in fact he had fun helping the young caller solve their division problem which resulted in a very grateful student. We know this is not the typical call for service, but what is typical?  And we believe that when you can go above and beyond, why not do it.

Fort Collins 9-1-1 is a great place to work. We have a fabulous team of employees, we provide great opportunities, we deliver wonderful service and we have a lot of fun at work.