Frederick County Emergency Communications

Submitted by Brian Easterday

The Outstanding Performance Shift Award: for the evening of May 15, 2018, after receiving 7.5 inches of rain within three hours; a flash flooding event occurred causing an influx of emergency calls to Frederick County Emergency Communications Center. The calls ranged from flooded basements, a partial building collapse, to people stranded in or on vehicles, including 55 water rescues. Over 300 9-1-1 calls and almost 900 ten-digit overflow or non-emergency calls were handled in five hours.

Awarded were:

  • Assistant Director B. Easterday
  • ECM K. Brown
  • ECM J. Worley
  • ECS IV K. Willis
  • ECS III C. Brown
  • ECS III A. Nearhoof
  • ECS III M. Rice
  • ECS III E. Stackhouse
  • ECS II J. Butler
  • ECS II L. Lanam
  • ECS II S. Ruby
  • ECS II T. Ward
  • ECS II M. Zigler
  • ECS I R. Coolidge
  • ECS I A. May
  • ECS I P. Vecera

This award winning crew was honored on Saturday April 6 at the Tri-State Telecommunicators Consortium Banquet that features staff from Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia