Lee County 911

Submitted by Shanna Charles

Our dispatch center is run by the county government. We have never been recognized during the National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. With the most recent election our government officials have changed. Our center’s morale is down. We don’t feel appreciated but we still strive on. Our dispatchers love what they do. We love being able to help those in need. We love being able to help keep our emergency responders safe. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my fellow co workers. We are a family. We stick together.

We are located in a rural community in Eastern Kentucky. Our community is poverty stricken. Our local government has told us they’re about broke. We operate one dispatcher per shift. There are times when I don’t think 3 dispatchers would be enough to handle the madness that’s going on. Each of us have other jobs outside dispatching to make ends meet. We each volunteer to help our community. Some of us are volunteer firefighters, scout leaders, city council members, volunteer law enforcement, sports coaches, and a non profit photographer. We care for anyone in need.