NPSTW 2020: Fremont Police Department, CA

Are you changing or postponing your NPSTW 2020 celebration due to COVID-19 restrictions?

My comm center is still celebrating NPSTW this year. We have a ‘Dispatch Morale Committee’ within our center who’s in charge of scheduling our events and/or gifts.

Since the week begins on Easter, we are hosting an Easter egg hunt. Among the typical Easter egg hunt, we will be hosting a ‘golden egg hunt’ as well. The golden egg will have $100 inside and in order to find its hiding place you must first solve a series of riddles.

Throughout the week we will also be hosting the following themed days…

“You are one of my favorite peeps,” each dispatcher will receive marshmallow peeps
“Keep calm & donut stress,” donut party for each work side
“Anyway you slice it, you are an incredible dispatcher,” pizza party for each work side
“Thanks a ‘lotto’ for all that you do,” each dispatcher will receive lotto tickets
“If you give a dispatcher a cookie, she/he will probably want coffee,” each dispatcher will receive a dispatch themed cookie and Starbucks gift card, and
“You are a toe-tally amazing dispatcher,” each dispatcher will receive dispatch themed socks.

Our county does also host a recognition banquet but that has been postponed until May.

Hope everyone is able to enjoy their week amidst the uncertainty going on. If you would like any info on our theme days please feel free to email me.

Thank you and stay safe!