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9-1-1 & COVID-19

NPSTW 2020: Grand Junction Regional Communication Center

Our supervisors are collecting videos from field responders saying thank you, and will edit it together into one video to play during TC Week. They are also creating a “Hunt a Killer”-type game for our people to play throughout the week, with prizes. We will bring in meals for each shift throughout the week, and since our theme is “circus”, we will have themed dress days for each day of the week.

NPSTW 2020: Fremont Police Department, CA

My comm center is still celebrating NPSTW this year. We have a ‘Dispatch Morale Committee’ within our center who’s in charge of scheduling our events and/or gifts.

Since the week begins on Easter, we are hosting an Easter egg hunt. Among the typical Easter egg hunt, we will be hosting a ‘golden egg hunt’ as well. The golden egg will have $100 inside and in order to find its hiding place you must first solve a series of riddles.

Throughout the week we will also be hosting the following themed days…

NPSTW 2020 Contest Paused;
Support & Recognition Continue

In light of the gravity of the COVID-19 virus situation and the additional work and stress that will fall on our members and others in the public safety community, we are pausing our NPSTW contest. When we re-open it in the future, all stories already posted in the 2020 contest, as well as their “likes” will be maintained.