Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

Here at MCSO Dispatch, I feel it’s more important than ever to honor our staff during this week. While some things we had planned will have to wait for next year due to the pandemic, we are still celebrating and I’m excited to honor our team of professionals!

We’ve put together “Mock Awards,” this year and calling them “the Golden Mic Awards.” The categories are displayed on a foam board in the center, with ballots and a ballot box next to it. Dispatchers get to vote for their peers in each category. The winner in each category receives a personalized mug and Tim Hortons gift card (our favorite coffee place)!. We have categories like “black cloud,” “boot polisher (Supervisor’s pet), “Best Barista,” etc…Also a nice little certificate. This is just something fun and light hearted to keep spirits up.

Myself and the four supervisors have purchased or collected items throughout the last few months for a raffle. We have a general order prohibiting us from asking for donations, so I’m proud of my team for stepping up to create this fun event for our staff. We have 2 Amazon Kindles, Wireless Earbuds, Starbucks coffee basket, car detailing kit, lottery ticket basket, spa items gift basket, adult coloring book gift basket, amazon echo show, department swag gift basket and girl scout cookie tray all up for raffle! Every Dispatcher (55 of them) will get 10 tickets at the start of the week. They will be able to place their tickets in the corresponding bag for the gift(s) they want to win. We will draw at the end of the week. Myself and the supervisors will be handing out additional tickets throughout the week as well for a variety of reasons.

In addition, the shift supervisors are all buying their teams dinner one night and I have implemented “casual day” on Easter Sunday. We wear uniforms so it’s a nice change they always enjoy.

Thank you to APCO for recognizing 9-1-1 professionals! Happy NPSTW!