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Covington-Newton County 911

We had an employee appreciation event that had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, because it was scheduled at an off-site venue. We reached out to all of our public safety agencies that we dispatch for and asked them to send videos thanking our telecommunicators. We have had a great …

Birmingham 911

As far as I know it has been postponed, however myself and 2 other supervisors on my shift have decided to reward our personnel with gifts. Since we are on 12 hour shifts, we are doing something different each day we are at work. Today (Saturday), we did scratch-offs (Positive …

A Message From APCO’s President

As we begin this week of April 12-18, designated as a time to celebrate our national public safety telecommunicators, on behalf of the Executive Committee, I want to say THANK YOU for the job you do every day and “Happy National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week.” Even though we are experiencing …

Chenango County 911 (NYS)

We will be postponing any activities until later. Both the director and a primary supervisor are working at a backup location and we have rules against bringing in and sharing of food right now.

Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

Here at MCSO Dispatch, I feel it’s more important than ever to honor our staff during this week. While some things we had planned will have to wait for next year due to the pandemic, we are still celebrating and I’m excited to honor our team of professionals! We’ve put …

NPSTW 2020: Benton County Office of Emergency Communications

Unfortunately, we had to cancel a bunch of the stuff we had planned; jurisdiction-wide scavenger hunt, cook-off challenge to our departments, presentation of proclamations. I’ve put together a bunch of raffle prizes with lots of ways to earn tickets to put in for the prizes, including mini-games, baby pics and …

NPSTW 2020: New Iberia Police Department

We are going to postpone this year. With everything going on with the virus and the fact that we are moving into a new comm center very soon, we thought it best to postpone. Hoping to reschedule just after we move so that we can celebrate each other and our …

Akimeka, LLC: Join the Movement – Light Up Gold

To honor the work the telecommunicators – Thin Gold Line – do as first responders and the sacrifices they make to serve the public, Akimeka is showing our appreciation virtually. We are encouraging all organizations, agencies, and individuals in the industry (or not) to Join the movement with Akimeka during …

NPSTW 2020: City of Roswell (GA) 911

We are celebrating!! We are trying to continue on, business as usual to remain positive and strong in the midst of this storm. We have activities scheduled, prizes, social media posts planned, gifts, etc. COVID will not stop us.

NPSTW 2020: Shelby County TN 9-1-1 District

It will be postponed to a later date. After conferring with all the PSAP Managers in the County it was decided to postpone due to how busy they are and the working conditions due to COVID-19.

NPSTW 2020: Hamilton County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications District

We have a committee that coordinates and handles the planning for our agencies week long celebrations during NPSTW. As the chair of it and discussing with our Directors I forwarded the following letter: *On behalf of your Cares Committee we wanted to share with you what our plans are for …

NPSTW 2020: Grand Junction Regional Communication Center

Our supervisors are collecting videos from field responders saying thank you, and will edit it together into one video to play during TC Week. They are also creating a “Hunt a Killer”-type game for our people to play throughout the week, with prizes. We will bring in meals for each …

NPSTW 2020: Fremont Police Department, CA

My comm center is still celebrating NPSTW this year. We have a ‘Dispatch Morale Committee’ within our center who’s in charge of scheduling our events and/or gifts. Since the week begins on Easter, we are hosting an Easter egg hunt. Among the typical Easter egg hunt, we will be hosting …

NPSTW 2020 Contest Paused;
Support & Recognition Continue

In light of the gravity of the COVID-19 virus situation and the additional work and stress that will fall on our members and others in the public safety community, we are pausing our NPSTW contest. When we re-open it in the future, all stories already posted in the 2020 contest, as well as their “likes” will be maintained.

Good Samaritan Communications Center

Our communication center is the hub to Good Samaritan Hospital Emergency Services.  These dedicated and professional dispatchers are always prepared and ready for whatever their shift may throw at them.  Not only do they dispatch the helicopter and ambulances that are based here at the hospital, but they also assist …

Converse County Joint Communications

In January, a new center manager, in February a new supervisor, two new trainers and two new trainees. Then in March, the implementation of a brand new CAD!

Birmingham 911

Our facility has been completely remodeled. We have combined Police, Fire, and 311 into one Center.

Brentwood TN ECD

Jingles, the Elf on the Shelf, reported seeing the team of Brentwood telecommunicators celebrating with a Secret Santa, Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest and potluck.

OCPS District Police

As a start up agency this staff has worked vigilantly to ensure all are kept safe even though they do not have the technology that many other centers have.

Southfield Public Safety

While we have not yet completely staffed our center, because of their willingness to be flexible and their dedication our staff has increased significantly and all of the employees are much happier at work.

Richmond Department of Emergency Communications

After the multi-year accreditation process, our department earned its first accreditation from CALEA on May 4, 2019. Only a few weeks later, we celebrated the completion of our $2.8 million Training Center on May 30, 2019.

Cleveland Police Department

On 3-8-2020 our center received a call for a mass shooting at a MC club. Our center fielded a large amount of calls during the incident and into the early hours of the morning.

Pecos Valley Communication Center

The morale in our center was already very low, so losing two long term employees brought it down even more. Now, only a few short months [after a new director was hired], our center is on the road to recovery.

Danville 911 Center

Deputy K9 Niki was involved in an injury accident with her handler and did not survive her injuries. Four of our more seasoned telecommunicators worked this incident.

Lee County 911-Kentucky

Our communications center was struck by lightning during a storm in the summer of 2019.  We had no CAD, no mapping, no phones, no radios. 

Bonner County 911

This year we’ve had the most staff retention of any year I’ve worked here in a decade. We started the year with only one more person than we ended it with.

Lyon County Emergency Communications Center

Three years ago we were at our darkest place as a center and they’ve worked so hard to rebuild bonds, push themselves as leaders and create a family atmosphere that we once had.

Heard County E-911

Although we are small, what we lack in population we make up for in acreage. Our human to bovine ratio is roughly one to one, which makes for some very interesting calls.

Southwest Central Dispatch

After years and years of using a “homegrown” CAD that was designed and built by our very own IT genius, Southwest Central Dispatch has a state of the art CAD/MCT/RMS/etc!

Bayside Communications

This year our center became accredited through WILEAG.  To do so, the whole center had to get involved.

City of Bullhead City 911 Communications Bureau

The Bullhead City 911 Communications Bureau dispatchers, with the Fort Mojave-Mesa Fire Department, as part of the CPR Life Links program initiated a CPR protocol that is structured to get bystander CPR started faster.

Mooresville Police Department Dispatch

May 4th, 2019, our department lost an officer in the line of duty. Like so often occurs in such chaotic situations, our spirits and souls were greatly tested.

Lincoln County E-911

In August 2019, the center suffered a cyber attack from ransomware that crippled all technology and software. The Communications Center worked without CAD for 22 days.

Wood / Wirt County E9-1-1, WV

The individuals pictured were recognized for their professionalism and efficiency in handling a traumatic amputation call.

West Allis Communication Center

The lightning strike completely disabled our dispatching capabilities, by damaging our radios, telephones (911 and non-emergency lines) and computer CAD systems.


Last year, Tuesday, September 17, 2019, around 9 a.m. the City of Houston was hit with Tropical Storm Imelda with 43 inches of water. Our dispatchers did a phenomenal job directing officers to high ground, open roads and finding alternative higher ground to move school buses.

Barbour County 911

We have undergone 2 administration changes and have had multiple employees leave. The five employees who have stayed have worked countless hours over overtime and teach the new hires the proper procedures and techniques.

Covington-Newton County 911 Center

CPE changed my life and renewed my passion for communication. In September, I accepted a position as the Operations Manager at Covington-Newton County 911. I’m honored to work with great people who have a lot of passion for their community and the 911 Center.

Paulding County E-911 Communications

While working to integrate some needed upgrades to a few of our systems this year, we are reviewing and rewriting our policies and going over every detail of the systems upgrades with a fine-tooth comb.

Northbrook Police Department

This past year was filled with projects, the most involved one being the acquisition of a new 911 phone system and the formation of a 911 network with our neighbor to the west.

We Want to Buy You Lunch … Again!

For NPSTW 2020, we are again offering to “buy you lunch” but this year, recognizing the vast difference in comm center sizes, there will be two prizes.