Southwest Central Dispatch

This past year we were blessed with a new CAD system!

After years and years of using a “homegrown” CAD that was designed and built by our very own IT genius, Southwest Central Dispatch has a state of the art CAD/MCT/RMS/etc!

Our former IT genius is currently enjoying his much deserved retirement. This meant we had to find a new CAD vendor that was the perfect fit for our center.

There were bumps, there were bruises, there was whining and maybe a few tears (sigh) – but you know who NEVER complained? Who NEVER whined? Who came out slightly charred but otherwise unscathed? Every single telecommunicator of Southwest Central Dispatch! They are truly heroes.

We still have an occasional hiccup here and there, but overall the T/C’s of SWCD continue to kick behinds and take names – in LAST, FIRST order please!