Graveyard Shift

Georgetown Police Department Dispatch

Sleepy little towns never imagine that they could be the site at which the end of the world begins. So when the undead begin their hostile takeover by first infecting the Georgetown Police Department, the world was… less than prepared.

Just as it seems that there’s nobody in town who can resist the call of the creatures of the night, an unlikely group of heroes emerges. Armed with nothing but some radios and an outdated telecom system, it’s up to the Georgetown Emergency Communications Team to use their ingenuity, teamwork and compassion to “dispatch” the threat and save their town.

Starring the entire Georgetown Public Safety department, NIGHT SHIFT is a horror-comedy as well as a reminder that behind every hero cop or firefighter, there’s a team of dispatchers working to ensure they don’t get themselves killed.

The reason I chose this title is I’ve been working the overnights since I was hired at Georgetown. Our comm center is small, with five full-time dispatchers and a few dispatch-certified officers filling the gaps, but it’s the best team I’ve ever been part of. I am so proud to call Georgetown my team. Weird things happen on the graveyard shift, but I know my team has my back.