The Lego 911 Movie

Sheridan County 911

Ordinary LEGO Dispatchers who always follow the rules, are mistakenly – or is it correctly???- identified as special — extraordinary beings and the keys to saving the world. They find themselves drafted into a fellowship of Dispatchers who are on a mission to stop every evil tyrant’s plans to conquer the world.  Fortunately for the LEGO Dispatchers, they are totally — and sometimes hilariously — prepared for such a task, and they always give it their all!

With Rebecca jumping ship and moving to Michigan, they are left with 4 Special Dispatchers to keep the county safe and save the day, uh….. daily. These 4, code-named “The Fearless Four”, work tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer calls for Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Departments, as well as calls for “I don’t know who else to call”. Calls can range from fatal house fires to black cows on the road, from unresponsive parents to lost puppy dogs, from suicidal callers to spray paint on a pickup, from lost travelers to loose alpacas – and everything in between. The Fearless Four are call takers, dispatchers, building monitors, technology wizards, cooks, janitors, chaos coordinators, graphic artists, screenwriters, moms, grandmas, and significant others working at their job solo to keep the evil at bay. Backup can be 20 minutes away, and they know they will need to handle it alone until then … short-handed but not short on courage.

In their corner of severe northeast Montana, they do it all and do it well. They learn and train and execute whatever is needed. They may be a tiny agency, but they are professional. The LEGO 911 Movie tells the story of us all – handling the worst and celebrating the best. Some stories are horribly traumatic or incredibly sad, and some have wonderful happy endings or humorous outcomes. We are them, and they are us – shown in this heart-wrenching and heartwarming movie.

No rating at this time, but only Special Dispatchers can handle this truth.

Director: Katie

Writer: Ruth

Stars: Angie, Shawna, Ruth and Katie