Infusion of NICE

Indio Police Department Communications Center

Many of the telecommunicators I know come with the superpowers of acute listening, compassionate empathy, supersonic judgment, Superman and 911derwoman reactionary skills, and a forcefield built to deflect harsh criticisms, impatience, unkind words, hysteria, and more.

Each day it seems the world is turning a little more like Gotham City, and callers can be not so NICE.  I wish dispatchers could have the superpower to turn every caller NICE.  I think each dispatcher works daily to develop these skills, as we change our tone, try lowering our voice, infuse positivity, and take deep breaths.  I do wish it was a superpower though.

At our center, a common goal is to get each caller to say, “Thank you!” at the end of the call.  Last week one of our dispatchers had someone say, “I love you.”  I think that dispatcher is perfecting his superpower.

For NPSTW 2022, I wish you all the superpower of NICE so that the people you are trying to serve treat you as you deserve.  You are Super Heros and You Rock the Headset!