The Worlds Greatest Detectives

Hendricks County Communications Center

When we receive a call all senses, but hearing is taken away. We take the information without seeing what’s wrong, without knowing where it is, and who we are talking to. We must use only what we hear on the line to get help on the way. There is a secret part to all of that. Our intuition or “gut” feeling. One question at a time we begin to paint a clear important picture for our Police officers, Fire Fighters, and Medics. We grasp the call with both hands and steer them into the hands of our fellow responders. With some incidents needing lightning quick decisions, accurately coordinating the caller and field units, along with careful interrogation to get all safety information to everyone involved.

We are the calm voice on the radio and over the phone. We guide our fellow responders and help give life saving instructions to those who need it most. So, I believe our Super Power is to turn what we hear, into a powerful call to action for our communities to come together and help one another.