Kannapolis Police Department Communications

Submitted by Anglea Yates

Kannapolis Police Communications is staffed with 16 full time telecommunicators who have a passion to help the community and have dedicated their lives in assisting others in their time of need. The Communications center houses some of the most hard working, dedicated and professional communicators that I have ever had the privilege of working with. Here in Kannapolis they do it all –  there is no one communicator dedicated to one specific task. TEAMWORK at its best can be seen on any given day at any given time. The telecommunicators here at Kannapolis Police Department are not only co-workers and friends they are FAMILY! These individuals work hard everyday to ensure that the citizens of the city receive the upmost respect when calling in and treat each and every caller as if it was one of their own family members. KPD telecommunicators deserve to be recognized for the great job they do all day, everyday!



There are 15 full-time and 7 part-time, exceptional, dedicated and hard working professionals that are spending their time making a difference.