Medical Transportation Coordination Centre

Submitted by Ava Grexton

Nothing fuels the appetite like the chaos and intensity of a pre-hospital emergency.  The fast paced, life and death nature of emergency medical dispatch requires competence, professionalism, accuracy, speed AND compassion…all of which are improved by eating a good lunch!

Established in 2006, the Medical Transportation Coordination Centre (MTCC) is the control centre for the dispatch of ground and air EMS for rural and Northern Manitoba.

MTCC cannot exist without the dedication of compassionate staff.  This amazing team provides a public safety service for over 420,000 people in an area of 650,00 square kilometers (250,000 square miles) including more than 110,000 lakes and 25 fly-in-only communities.

Whether handling natural disasters, assisting with CPR, or helping in countless other ways our emergency medical dispatchers always strive for excellence and quality patient care.  They’ve even delivered 45 babies so far (…none of which have crawled in to buy them lunch).

Vote for MTCC – buy them lunch!  Help maintain their blood sugar so they can continue to provide fantastic emergency care.