La Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries Communication Center

Submitted by Allison Young

Our communication center covers the entire state of Louisiana. When we tell someone we work for the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries, they think it’s nothing to it. We only have 6 communication officers. ¬†Most of the time it is only two people working. But there are days when it’s only one person.¬† Covering the whole state by yourself can get very hectic at times. Our parishes are broke down by regions. We have a total of 8 regions. I don’t know about any other agencies officers that are in the field, but most of ours don’t respect the job that we do. They have to be reminded everyday that we are their life line. We do our job to keep them safe. My ladies always feel like they are not appreciated. They work hard, hardly ever complain. Being the new supervisor, I want to be able to show these ladies that they are appreciated for everything they do.