Lake County 911 Communications

Submitted by April Denholm

We have a very small team of dispatchers.  We have four full time dispatchers and myself, the director, who picks up shifts as needed.  In the last few years we have pulled together and worked impossible hours when we have been even more shorthanded than we are now, during training, when people are sick, or to make sure that people get the vacation they desperately need. With such a small group there is frequently no one to work when you are sick and many times we have had to come in coughing, aching, or puking to do our job. We all rely on each other to help when bad weather or emergencies come up. We aren’t often able to have staff meetings because that means overtime for everyone and it would be really wonderful to have a nice lunch together – although it would have to be delivered to our training room so that we could ALL enjoy it!