Midwest City Emergency Communications Center

Every telecommuncator must have a megabrain.  We have to be able to be quick-thinking, see into the future to anticipate the questions our first responders might have and be ready for anything to happen at any moment.  We must be able to run scenarios for our trainees and prepare them for their life as a communication specialist and work our own radios/phones while monitoring their every move and helping them grow into superheroes like us.  Our brains must maintain strength for pushing our bodies to overcome the monotony of working overtime shifts and still be able to handle our family members (Fire/Police/EMS) and the drama they get themselves into.  We must remember to use our kind voices on the sensitive ears of our citizens and keep in mind that we are in the customer service industry and treat them like our only client, all the while,  facing the challenge of taking care of our own bodies and minds with down time and the occasional venting session to help cleanse the images we have created from the calls we have taken.