Mind reading, astral projection and cloning

Marion County Sheriffs Office

There are multiple superpowers that I think could be beneficial for a telecommunicator to have. One of the most simple and obvious ones being mind reading. There are often times where, as a telecommunicator, I have been asked to do things but in a way that is obvious that I should have known that was what the deputies or callers wanted me to do. Mind reading would be a valuable solution and would cut down time on us trying to question those who want something from us.

Another superpower I would think would be beneficial to a telecommunicator would be Astral projection. The ability to astral project would be invaluable, giving you the ability to phase yourself to a scene to get a full detailed look at what was going on. This would be useful in accident calls to see the extent of the damage but would also be useful with in progress incidents and be able to see and get the information that a caller might not be able to give us in such a dangerous situation. This way the caller stays safe and we get useful information.

The third superpower that would be useful for a telecommunicator would be to have the ability to clone ourselves. As telecommunicators, multi-tasking is in our DNA. Without multi-tasking, we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs very well. I know at my communication center I am always typing away on my keyboards and will be using multiple different systems at once. I believe the ability to clone would be helpful so everything could be done at the same time. This would help so if it got busy and the multi-tasking became extreme, there would be a second you to help you with different systems at the same time, allowing you to focus on one task while your clone did the other.