The Calm Of The Storm

Orange County Communications

Public safety telecommunicators begin and end each call with a sense of calm. They never know what type of call they are receiving when the headset rings. They take a breath, answer the call, and remain cool, calm and collected the entire call. The caller could be scared, angry, worried, or nervous. It is a our job and responsibility to maintain the perfect balance of a clear mind and an even heart rate throughout the call. When a public safety telecommunicator keeps a steady voice with a very high strung caller, that caller will mimic your vibe. If the communications stays level headed, they remain in control of that call. The frantic caller has so much going through their mind at the moment. They do not care if they are screaming, cussing, or crying. All they care about is that their call is answered and that you hear them. Remaining calm will allow you to meet and exceed their needs at their time of need. By the end of that call, if the communications officer has been the calm in their storm, the caller’s tone will most often calm down as well. Remain calm. Sound calm. Think calm. Be calm. It not only benefits the communications officer in receiving accurate information but it allows the caller to slow their heart rate and realize that someone cares and is here to assist them.