Mountain Valley Emergency Communication Center

I came from an environment that was less than stellar. When I arrived here every single person I met was more helpful than the next. To my surprise, and even to theirs, I was promoted and shortly after our Director left. About 6 seconds later the world tilted on its axis and we were about to enter territory that we had never experienced in public safety. Policies and procedures were being changed almost by the minute. This team of amazing individuals trusted me as we marched through the pandemic. Everything that was thrown at them they handled with grace and understanding. I couldn’t be more grateful for each and every single one of them as we moved through this process together! Even onboarded a new director and handled a tropical storm that disabled us – LITERALLY! I absolutely have the most supportive group of individuals in this center. I am lucky to call them co-workers and even luckier to have them as the best work family I have ever experienced! Please vote for them – they deserve it!