National Telecommunicator Week Superlative Awards

Johnna Hilton, Communications Training Officer, Monett-Lawrence County 911

Here are a few suggestions for fun awards:

The Gumby Award – to the person who is always flexible.

The Simon Cowel Award – to the person who you can always count on to be brutally honest.

The Alfred Pennyworth (Batman’s butler) Award – to the person who is always loyally behind the scenes and does not receive the recognition they deserve.

The Superman award – To the person who is faster than the speed of light.

The Bermuda Triangle Award – to the person with the workspace where things go in but never come back out.

The Captain America Award – To the person who always stands up for what is right no matter the odds.

The Thor Award – to the person who is a superhero during weather events. (Thor can summon the elements of the storm i.e. lightning, wind, snow, rain etc.)

The Iron Man award – to the person who is a high-tech genius.

The Wonder Woman award – to the person who is a model of peace, love, and equality.

The Wolverine Award – to the rebel who get’s things done even if it means using force.

The Spiderman Award – to the person known for saving the day with corny jokes and one-liners.

The Batman Award – to the “normal” guy (or girl) who is a great problem solver and has all the coolest toys.

The Phantom Award – to the person who is always early for their shift.

The Shadow Award – to the night-shifter with psychic powers.