Super Hearing

Palmetto Police Department

What superpowers do public safety Telecommunicators have? A Telecommunicator may not be able to stop a moving car or a falling building, but we have the power to gather all the information and send our hero partners to save those in need. There’s even times when we need to use our Mind Control power to get callers to tell us what exactly happened, while at the same time giving the information over the radio for responding units. Our voice control power gets people to put down their weapon to prevent further injuries. We are Awesome!!

What superpowers do you WISH you had? What superpower would make us more invisible then what we already have would be Super Hearing.  Trying to hear what officers say over the radio when they don’t talk into their mic, or when they are on pursuit and out of breathe. Even the ability to heal over the phone line when someone is hurt and calling out for help would be a great superpower.