Telecommunicators! Able to leap (small) radio towers in a single bound!

Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications

What superpowers do telecommunicators have and/or what superpowers should they have?

Well, this is the question of the ages.  However, anyone who has witnessed a telecommunicator in action can clearly tell you what superpowers they have!  They bring clarity and calm to chaos on a daily basis!

Most telecommunicators have the ability to turn on and off their super powers.  Typically they turn them on at the beginning of a shift and turn them off when it is time to go home.

The most important of these powers is skill, cunning, and technology!  They are skillful in the technology provided to them and cunning when taking the call to get the most information available from the caller.  Along with their cunning abilities they use a strange magic to calm the caller and ease their mood.  They are speedsters with the abiltiy to type short code so fast the keyboards are glowing white from the heat!

With shapeshifting like characteristics they transition with ease to the dispatching role demanding the respect they deserve on the air waves.  They command large swaths of policemen, Firemen and Paramedics sending them on their way to missions near and far.  Caring for these beings as if they were their own flesh and blood they look after them and do their best to guide these beings through the trials and tribulations of said missions and make sure that they arrive home safe.

They are all Superheros with superpowers that mere mortals will never understand and at the end of the day they return to their mild mannered lives to go home to their own families and leave the chaos far behind…well until the next shift that is!