The Five Musketeers

Osage Beach 911 Communications Center

As each year passes, Dispatch Centers everywhere continue to face a plethora of challenges including staff shortages. Our center is one of them. Throughout it all, my team has risen to every occasion! Not only have they performed their duties as 911 Dispatchers, they have also continuously gone above and beyond to keep our center going during these current times when our center’s staff deficiency has surpassed any other in the past 9 years!

Out of the 11 allotted positions, there are five! Those five have given of themselves in ways others can’t begin to understand. They have worked long hours; days, nights, weekends and holidays, come in on their days off to help cover shifts or to accommodate a colleagues time off request, worked shifts by themselves when some shifts would have dictated the need for two, and served our community as best they could in the confines of a room without being able to eat a meal or go to the bathroom in peace, amongst others. The list is endless! I am in awe of their dedication and am beyond proud of all of them! Instead of the three musketeers, they are the five musketeers! Our center would not be the same without each one of them! With their talents combined, they are a powerful force!