The Power of Perspective

Holbrook Regional Emergency Communications Center

What superpowers do public safety telecommunicators have?

This is something I have actually been thinking a lot about lately. Not in the superhero sense per se but in the sense of what it is that sets Telecommunicators apart from everyone else in the world. Telecommunicators are in the unique position to view events from multiple perspectives which I would absolutely consider to be super power. While nothing is always as it seems, Telecommunicators are the first person to be greeted by often hysterical callers and they have mere seconds to figure out what exactly is going on, who to dispatch for help and how can the caller be helped prior to responders arriving on scene. These are no light tasks and it can be a major challenge when the issue that is being reported just doesn’t quite add up. Telecommunicators are the ultimate decision makers as they recognize time is of the essence. They are also human lie detectors as they have the “gut feeling” down pat. Having been in this profession for a while myself, these are the super powers that I see in my colleagues and am grateful to be able to possess. While the rest of the world is relying on mainstream media, social media, third party information etc… to get their information, we (at least in our own silos) are able to differentiate between the truth and sensationalism. While many may think we are biased because of our profession, I tend to think just the opposite. We are more open to perspective and understand the multiple sides that exist to every story without passing judgement. I speak for myself when I say this is definitely not something I was able to achieve prior to joining this profession. You, my friends are true super heroes. Each and every one of you. You are working in a profession that causes more stress and anxiety than most and I applaud you all for showing up day after day, knowing that not every day will be a good one. You are the first of the First Responders, the glue that holds it all together and true Super Heroes in every sense of the term.

What superpowers do you WISH you had? 

In all honesty and sincerity, there is nothing I wish I had that I don’t have already. This profession has helped mold me into being a more compassionate and understanding person and has provided me with all the super powers I need to navigate life, most importantly, the power of perspective. For that, I will always be grateful.

Attached to this entry is a photo of a small portion of the team in my center recently celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. They are all business when it comes to taking the calls but in between, they know how to relax and make light of their day.