Who Does 911 Call When They Have A Problem?

Jim Swartos, Electronics Specialist, COB

20160202_095420As the person really behind (and under and inside) a console… I’m one of the people that 911 calls when they have a problem!

Every call center has tons (literally TONS) of electronic equipment and when (not if !) it fails, one of us is on call 24/7, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving…it doesn’t matter. We respond immediately.

Each of us, in the Communications Shop, recognize the importance of our first responders and the radio equipment that makes them able to respond. We take it very seriously to keep the 911 centers operating and the police, fire, medics, aid workers, public works, etc. responders equipment working properly.

Getting called out during a storm, major accident or catastrophe and doing the best we can to troubleshoot, repair, modify, re-route and replace circuits and equipment is a huge challenge!

I have the satisfaction of teaching Electronics Engineering Technology in the evenings and one of my graduates has 2 years seniority on me!

2 out of 3 of us, in our shop are over 60 years old. And nationwide, enrollment in technical education/training programs is dropping.

Where will the next generation of electronics technicians (and many other types of technicians!) come from, unless people get the needed training?

The equipment and technologies are very complex! But the work is rewarding! I retired once, for over a year… And then had the opportunity to apply for my current position. After I was hired, I was told that I was the only qualified applicant… You know what the unemployment situation has been… And I was the “only qualified applicant!”

Good, rewarding, meaningful jobs are waiting for people with the right training. You may be that person! Check around and see if there are training opportunities in your area.

Thank you!

Jim S