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Last year, we asked you to share your stories about being a public safety telecommunicator on this site. Later, we asked you to tell legislators and the OMB why telecommunicators should be reclassified under the SOC from dispatchers to public safety telecommunicators.

In our minds, people can never hear enough about the heroic and everyday things you do. So we’re asking you again to submit your stories during the lead-up to NPSTW 2017. Tell us what means the most to you about being a telecommunicator. Tell us about a day you can’t forget.  Share how you recognize and support each other during NPSTW and all through the year.

You can write a new piece, or send us one you submitted to one of the other campaigns this year.  We will enter all who submit stories by April 16, 2017, into a random drawing for one of five $20 Visa gift cards.

New this year, in order to keep your efforts front and center throughout the year, we will publish some of the stories submitted on in a regular feature on PSC online called “From the Frontline.”

Tell Us Your Story

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