911 What Is Your Emergency?

Tina N. Chambers, Assistant Chief of Communications, Shreveport Fire Department Communications

Please click the link and watch Shreveport Fire Department Communications Division in action.

Black Helmet Films, producer of the “Another 24” mini-series about the life of firefighters, has put together a new video to showcase dispatch in honor of National Telecommunicators’ Week.  Featuring the Shreveport, Louisiana Fire Dispatchers at Caddo Parish 9-1-1 Communications Center, this is an excellent 15-minute video worth sharing with your responders and community alike.

Communications Officer FCO I Stephanie Phelan is the Creative Director and narrator of this feature film.  She requested volunteers from all shifts to speak and share what we do.  Her husband is Fire Engineer John Phelan and he also works with his wife on various projects.  He covers his the fire line aspect the majority of the time but wanted to pay tribute to the heroes with headsets.

We thanked both of them because this was a job well done.  It has already been shared with 9-1-1magazine.com!  I am proud to be a public servant.