A Week of Events

Priscilla Martinez, Communications Shift Supervisor, Billings 9-1-1 Center

We host a week of events. Mon-Fri we do “spirit week” and I pick a different theme for each day. We obtain lots of donations and we always host a food competition on Wednesday. This year’s competition is “chopped basket” and I chose 3 ingredients the employees must use to make any type of food they wish. We have “guest” judges from the various agencies we work with, PD, SO, FD, Probation and Parole, retired employees, IT, AMR, jail, water dept, clerical, and members of the media, who judge and we give out pretty lucrative prizes for 1st-3rd.

I also put together a scavenger hunt for each shift. It’s mostly a picture scavenger hunt. They have to get photos such as with a deputy, or in an ambulance, being handcuffed at the jail, a patch from the fire department, etc. The shift that obtains all items/pictures wins a pizza or sundae party.

Another game idea is to buy some poster boards for each shift, provide $5 or so and they have to create the best/funniest candy card.

I put together several other games and events for the dispatchers to participate in throughout the week. Several of the agencies we have contact with donate and stop in.