The Unsung Heroes

Brandon Johnson, 911 Telecommunicator, WESCOM 911

I began my career as a 911 telecommunicator in March 2012, after 4 years of working in emergency medical services. At the time I was looking to pursue a different career in public safety, when I found an advertisement for a local consolidated dispatch center in the suburban Chicago area. Fortunately for me, I made it through all of the testing, hiring process and training within four short months. This new job as a telecommunicator came easy to me. Having the background of emergency medical services made the job more interesting to me.

To this day I enjoy all of the time I spend with my co-workers, who have become my second family and I always stay dedicated to the job and citizens I serve, never knowing which call I will be answering next. I am proud of the career I chose and to be an unsung hero!