Adjuster of Crowns

Norcomm Communications Oak Lawn Station

I nominate Jessica Walker as my personal Super Hero.  She is young for this job but she absorbs everything around her and in her 4 years in this job she has become a CTO, TIC, Leader of the Center Employee Outreach Program as well as many self initiated certifications she works on with FEMA and our parent companies.  She definitely lives by the “Every Day is Training Day” frame of mind.  This is my second center I have worked for and I have some years of experience so I do feel confident in my views of her.  I have worked with many people and done many classes, sat at many different centers and for her age and for this job she goes above and beyond. I have never seen her lose her patience or temper on callers, officers, fireman or co-workers.  I have seen her keep up with what is going on with every town we dispatch for at once making sure everyone has what they need and is backed up.  She often reaches out to anyone she sees struggling or questioning anything and she seems to always find a way to work whatever it is into the conversation in a great way to calm and explain as best she can. If she doesn’t know she will find out and then find you without you having to find her again.  She seems to have a true passion for this job and for people in general.  I’m proud and happy to work with her and to have been personally trained here by her.  She calms, encourages and educates herself and everyone around her every day.