Baby not Breathing

Neries Sullivan, Supervisor, Dare County Communication

It was 0715 on my last night shift right before I was getting off at 0730 of my last shift for 4 days. 911 line rang and I answer to hear a mother that told me her baby was not breathing so I began the EMD Program and began asking questions. As I was asking questions I could hear a baby crying in the background which at first made me think that if the baby is crying then the baby is breathing, I told my shift partner (EMS Certified) to get on the line with me as I told the mother to put the phone near the baby. I couldn’t hear any breathing, so I told the caller that we can help the baby with CPR and asked if she could do it or the male in the background would be ok to do it. She answered she could and then told the father to go outside and wait for help. As he left the house I could not hear a baby crying any longer so the mother began CPR til EMS and Rescue arrived and we saved her baby that day.  The baby was transported to the hospital and as far as I know now the baby is still alive.  I was told within the next few days that the mother gave birth to twins so the other baby was the one crying.

This call touched my heart that day and as I left work with my head held high, “IT WAS A GOOD DAY AT WORK”. I went home to try and sleep and said a prayer for the baby. I couldn’t go to sleep as it was heavy on my mind so I called my daughter for her to bring her small baby boy to my house for a minute on her way out of town and gave him tight hugs and kisses and his father (a fire fighter) looked at me and said bad call last night? I said it was about an hour or so ago and it started bad but his mother and I got him back to breathing. I have done this job for 15 years and I have answered a ton of calls some bad and some good but that day I really made a difference to that child’s life. This call was by far the most rewarding so far. It really makes me think every day as I come to work what’s next?