That Moment…

Mark Doyle, Senior Dispatcher / TAC, Lonoke County Sherriff’s Office

January 5, 2016, started out like any other day shift. Day was busy with calls coming in asking for every division within the department except for Dispatch. Detectives were running in and out of the comms center needing suspects and victims ran. Detention would call asking about warrants and inquiries in NCIC for release purposes. Patrol was making traffic stops between calls. Seemed pretty normal…

I had a deputy radio to dispatch inquiring about a 10-28 (license plate inquiry). I ran the plate for him and gave him the return. While I was giving him and reading the address on the return, I could visual the exact house that the plate is registered to.

You see, I grew up in Conway, Arkansas. It’s a town about 30 miles north northwest of Little Rock. Growing up, Conway was the cliche small town. Everyone knew every one. Today, you can’t say that as it has blossomed into a bustling city in the Little Rock/North Little Rock/Conway metro. The house that this plate returned to was one block over from the street I grew up in. That house was across the street from the house of my childhood best friend. I could picture the ugly yellow paint on the outside, I could visualize the floor plan on the inside. I had been there many times.

A few moments later, my deputy advised he would be out with that vehicle at one of the many churches in the area and that it was occupied by four people. The moment that the deputy checked out with this vehicle, an officer safety/considered armed and dangerous BOLO from another county came in on my terminal. I quickly glanced over the message and my heart almost stopped. The hair on the back of my neck suddenly began to stand up. All I could do was key up on the radio and advise the deputy out with the vehicle “Are you 10-12?” This was our ten code for advising that someone or something may be wanted.

Thankfully, our shift corporal had also pulled up with my deputy as I asked if the deputy was 10-12. I keyed up and, without proof reading the bolo, read the BOLO word for word. The message advised that a subject was wanted out of multiple departments on felony charges and that the vehicle was stolen out of Conway.

Of course, once I finished reading the BOLO, the cavalry responded. Our Sheriff along with state units, other deputies, and detectives all checked en route to back our deputies.

Upon getting all occupants of the vehicle out and detaining them, they were able to search the vehicle. They found a stolen gun, drugs, a stolen license plate, and other contraband. In all, all of them were taken to our detention center and charged.

This was the moment that I believe that has defined my career so far. It was my knowledge of a city another county away from where I work that allowed me to be able to recognize the danger so quickly. I was extremely thankful that God was looking out for my brothers that day. The arresting deputy later told me that I had potentially saved his life that day. THAT is what makes this career worth it. The moments like that.