Compassion Fatigue as Renewable Energy

Cobb County Dept of Emergency Communications

There are many incredible superpowers that we already claim as Telecommunications ROCKSTARS, from bionic hearing to supersonic multitasking to our automatic skill in switching from reclining in our seat to sitting straight up in our chair because we heard a gun click! But there’s one very unique superpower that I wish we could all have in our arsenal….I wish our bodies could convert Compassion Fatigue into renewable energy. I wish every long sigh after a wearying CPR call, every tear we’ve shed over a life lost, every sleepless night after dealing with an “officer down” call, and every tension headache after taking a domestic call could somehow convert into energy and naturally replenish our mental, emotional, and biological resources. So the minute we felt drained down to our last ounce of strength, we could blink our eyes, and feel a sudden rush of renewed vitality to take on the remainder of our shift!