Everyday Heroes

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office 911 Dispatchers

I believe every one of our dispatchers are heroes, during these trying times. Covid-19 has changed every aspect of our daily functions. Everyone has risen above the call of duty to make sure all responding emergency units are protected as best they can be on calls from the Covid-19. We’ve been separated from each other in two separate buildings for almost a year now. Not having your partner next to you causes frustration and anxiety for each dispatcher. We have to guess what your partner is doing or has completed on a call, instead of being able to turn and talk to them in person. We’ve had several dispatchers that had to be off because they tested positive for Covid-19. All the dispatchers stepped up and covered shifts. We strive to be “The Best”. I have grown very fond of each dispatcher. Each one of them are my heroes!

Lt. Jamie Summers-Dispatch Supervisor