Super Shilo Ediger

Shilo has been a dispatcher at Pontotoc County Central Dispatch for just over four years.  Although I’ve only been here just less than two years, it didn’t take me long to realize the incredible work ethic and desire to continually improve and learn displayed by Shilo.  When our center got hit hard with sickness in December, Shilo worked without a day off for a couple weeks and many of those were 12 hour days.  Shilo is probably the most receptive emergency responder to feedback I’ve ever encountered.

I was a career firefighter for 21 years before joining the team here at Dispatch and she is a fine example of a first responder.  Shilo is eager to train, hone her skills, and commit to learn new habits and behaviors to benefit the service.  I couldn’t be more proud of Shilo because of her attitude, willingness to do whatever is needed, and dedication to the service.