Far and Away but Saving Lives is The Way

Toyko Japan Dispatch Unit

Telecommunicators are important in law enforcement and to the community.  They are the first people you call when there is trouble. They get calls as small as a cat getting stuck in a tree or calls big as fatal car accidents, murder, or even kidnapping. Just like in the superhero movies when there is trouble, they call for the hero’s but, in our world, when there is trouble, we call 9-1-1, and the first people to pick up the phone are the dispatchers.

Telecommunicators have superhero powers that none of us would think of. Telecommunicators have the power of learning, super learning to be exact. They need to learn how to talk to people in the right way, so people can understand them and no miscommunication.  They need to learn how the telecommunication systems of the company work inside and out. Like how to work the different computers they have and how dispatching works and sending the caller. They need to know how to be a sender and a receiver. Another superpower they have is super confidence. they need to have confidence in themselves. They need to know that they did everything in their power to help the person on the line no matter how big or small the call was. They need to have confidence that they are doing what is right for the caller, without that the call can go downhill so fast. The customer could lose faith in them and think that everything they are telling them is a lie and it could just go wrong so fast. The last superhero power that I’m going to point out is persuasion. Even in the worst situation, they make everything feel like it; going to be okay and help is going to arrive and save them. Like superheroes we can’t save everyone that calls out for us, we always try but we might be too late to the scene.  Calming the person down and telling them help is on the way and making sure they will be okay to the best of their abilities is a tuff task. Persuading them in some way.

Everyone would love to have superpowers, but I would like to have one of the powers telecommunicators have. That would be super learning. To be able to learn something in a good amount of time and to put what I learn into the field is incredible to me. You are given so much information at once and to be able to take it all in and to get the concept of things is amazing. I know it must be hard at times but it’s still something I would love to have.

Telecommunicators are something that is not talked about. They are only known for their famous saying “9-1-1 what’s your emergency” When you think of it, they are not the first people you would as they are heroes even though they are the first people you talked to when you are in a situation. Telecommunicators have a superpower the world, may not believe but when you think about, they are the start off being a hero.