Grafton County Sheriffs Department

Submitted by Kathleen Donovan

To be a part of this family. I was gonna have to fight. I felt like a freshman at school. A new school. And it was terrifying. My comm center is full of alphas and we definitely struggle together sometimes. Except for when it comes to this career. There is nothing we wouldn’t do to help each other out: taking extra shifts, caring for each other’s kids in emergencies, supporting each other through births and parenting, divorces and marriages. Never in my life have I wanted to a part of something so amazing.

Often I keep my job a secret but only because I don’t want others to know how amazing it is. Once you get there. Several years ago I was the newbie. I got the looks the sighs all the jazz of being the new girl. The would-she-make-it or nots? This team was the real deal. There was no sliding by, no laziness, no excuses. The liability was too much. The lives in our hands too precious.

The best part is my team wouldn’t let me. I got the attitude, the push for better and this team was the family I’ve been seeking my whole life: hard,expectant, loving and kind (for the most part). They taught me how to enjoy and both analyze everything I did in the comm center. This wasn’t just a job, it’s a way of life and my team are the branches of my tree. Helping us grow, deal with the emotions, be the best we can. That’s what’s  great about my team. My center, our director gives us every opportunity to be better people, better dispatchers and better family members too. The balance is amazing and although its not perfect, we strive to reach. And that’s the best part of my team.