Melbourne Police Department

Submitted by Cary Sargent

I believe every comm center is deserving of the free lunch.  We are a mid-size agency with about 175 or so officers.  Like most other Comm Center, we have several opening which means everyone that is working must take on the responsibility of answering all the calls after calls and work the different radio channels.  There is overtime that is always needed to meet our minimum staffing requirements and everyone here at Melbourne Police Department works together as a team to make sure we meet the staffing needs.  We also have state standards of answering all 9-1-1 calls within 10 seconds 90% of the them.  Everyone in the Comm Center knows the importance that seconds can save lives therefore we have the best stats in the County.  Every week our Communication Manager sends out a report to include our percentage of calls answered within or over the 10 second mark.  We are in the high 90’s when it comes to meeting the state requirement and have had several days in which we met the 100% mark.  This shows that our people care about the citizens they serve.

We have a great group of people here at the Melbourne Police Department and above is just a small notation of why they deserve free lunch.  I could go on and on with everything they have done and do.  But like I mentioned before, every agency deserves the recognition but I believe we deserve it just as much as any other agency.