Plymouth County Control

Submitted by Katie Pohl

Hi! I am a Lt. here and we have one of the best teams, I am humbled to be their Lt. We are very busy 24/7 as most centers are however we are a unique control center for the county. Our staff dispatches Fire and Ambulances calls for the entire County as well as operate CMED which is a service where all ambulances call in for medical direction to area hospitals. We also dispatch our Bureau Of Criminal Justice which I would best describe to you as the show CSI on TV. It is a very busy operation as we serve the entire County of Plymouth. The Comm. Center also takes all incoming calls from the public personally (no automated) and this includes all calls for the Jail. We also have a pretty busy K9 unit that services the county and assists the towns with missing persons, drug tracks and criminal tracking of persons. Even though we are busy as bees this is not the most special part of our center. The most special part is that even though we have a genuine mixing pot of different personalities we are still like a large family. We genuinely care about each other and on bad days will always help each other and it shows! So we are planning on doing a lot of fun stuff for our crew this appreciation week and a lunch would be amazing! Thank you for considering our team! Lt. Katie Pohl